What's behind CBD?

In Europe, CBD has experienced much popularity in assisting with accomplishing physical and mental wellbeing as it is said to have a variety of positive effects on our bodies. Due to the abundance of scientific research supporting the application of CBD on both physical and mental wellbeing, we decided that it is time for a high-quality intimate moisturizer, which merges wellbeing and pleasure. However, since CBD is a relatively new concept, people tend to have little to no knowledge about the naturally occurring cannabinoid except for mostly prejudices. Therefore, we love to fully inform you about CBD, its origin, and its effects. To celebrate our launch of “The Essential” we debunked myths and gathered our favorite facts about CBD for you to be able to improve and strengthen your sexual wellbeing.

Everything about CBD


Historic papers show that CBD hemp plants, in particular, have been used for centuries and go as far back as 1800 BC. In different contexts and groupings, but all with the same thought in mind: easing up the body. Herbalists from various, mostly Asian cultures did certainly not know how it works as soon as it entered the body, but really all they needed to know were the noticeable astonishing effects gained from it.

On a more factual note, when thinking of the popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) nowadays, it is almost impossible to grasp that it has only been discovered in 1940 when researcher Roger Adams hypothesized about the existence of the psychoactive substance Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the hemp plant. Instead of proving the chemical, he found two cannabinoids, which are CBD and CBN (cannabinol), another less known cannabinoid, by accident. Since then, CBD has moved more into the background as THC has gained more attention attributable to its mind-altering effects, until now.

Cannabinoids and CBD

Before getting to the hot stuff, it is relevant to take a moment to understand what CBD and cannabinoids are in general. One hemp plant contains around 100 cannabinoids, which are compounds that, simply put, communicate with cells through receptors located in the nervous system. CBD is known to acutely help palliate and even reduce stress, inflammations, and anxiety. Numerous studies have been conducted on the subject and concluded in the outcomes mentioned above.

It is crucial to stress that even though CBD and THC, stem from the same plant, they have very different effects on the human body. The latter mentioned is the cannabinoid responsible for the widely known “high” effect. As research showed, THC is the only known compound in the cannabis plant that intoxicates humans. Therefore, CBD does not make you feel dazed.

Our bodies’ endocannabinoid system

Different systems regulate our bodies, one of which is called the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which, as one can guess by the name, works with cannabinoids. Not only humans but also almost every animal inhabiting earth has an ECS, which essentially are two special receptors, CB1 and CB2, that react with and activate through binding substances to them. Unlike other systems, the ECS is not centralized and therefore receptors are found all over.

Most vital is the ECS’ role of promoting much-needed stability in the internal environment. To reach homeostasis, it is assumed that the ECS can influence other systems and processes as well. These include, for example, pain perception, mood, body temperature, the immune system, neurological processes, cognitive processes, sleep-wake rhythm, fertility, and more.

Since CBD is a cannabinoid, it can react with our internal ECS and work its body relaxing magic.

CBD and sex

As CBD entices the body to ease up and loosen, it grants a wide range of possibilities to intermingle it into one of human’s favorite activities: sex. In recent years, no other herbal substance has seen an upsurge quite like CBD. As our lives are packed full of appointments, deadlines, and responsibilities, our sexual wellbeing and desires are often gravely left behind. Here, CBD can aid with finding inner peace and as a consequence relieving the body from tensions. Unfortunately, up to 40% of women* list pain as their main barrier from enjoying and having sex or even experiencing intimacy. Sexual anxiety can further hinder a person from even being close to having an orgasm, fuel discomforts near the intimate area and finally lead to frustrations around the sexual wellbeing. Using a water-based CBD-infused lubricant can increase blood flow as the CB1 receptors situated in nerve vessels react with the cannabinoid, liberating its soothing effects. Another highly welcomed side effect is that through amplified blood flow, natural lubrication intensifies as well. A much appreciated factor as women sometimes struggle with self-induced lubrication and feel embarrassed about it because social stigmas have turned a naturally occurring event into a perceived inability to become aroused. Multiple reasons can be appointed to this problem, one of which is the product and packaging design of common store lubricants. Consciously moving away from the cheap-looking design usually seen on drug store lubes, gives new opportunities to openly show the bottle. Through sleek depiction and beautiful smell, you can confidently bring your Vedra into the bedroom and feel luxurious while you are at it. Becoming more aware and comfortable with your own sexual wellbeing can encourage others to follow the new way of enjoying life to the fullest.

Side effects

Known side effects of CBD are as minor as it is seldom the case. Still, we are diverse in our bodies and how our bodies react to substances, which makes finding the right dose a little challenging. With CBD, several studies researching side effects have been conducted, whereas long-term studies are scarce at the moment. All aftereffects depend on the pharmaceutical form (e.g. gel, oil, capsules) and the time of intake and can be summarized into five effects, namely: 

Lowering the blood pressure

Studies show that CBD can lower your blood pressure and ignite a slightly faint feeling. If you have not tried CBD before, make sure you take it easy and do not stand up too fast. More importantly, if you are using medicine intended to lower your blood pressure, you must check with your doctor before making use of CBD, be it for your sexual wellbeing or something else.


Caused by the relaxing effects of CBD, it can tire you out a little too much. If you are experiencing sleepiness when using CBD, make sure to lower your dose and wait a little longer before you add more. Additionally, you can refrain from including CBD during night times.


Controversially, it can cause the opposite effect as well. Although it is less common, some studies concluded that it can bring drowsiness onto people.


Standing in relation to low blood pressure, one might feel dizzy after taking a tad too much. Be careful to only practice sex with CBD if you are in a safe area where you feel comfortable and snug. Though, this side effect is less frequent.

Allergic reactions

Just with every existing substance, your body can react allergically to it. According to the studies listed below, an allergic reaction is rare, but not impossible. People with allergies to cats, mold, pollen, and house dust mites might be more prone to show hypersensitivity.

As our product is not ingested and only used externally, the probability of one of these side effects to arise is extremely low. We do, however, find it vital to wholly inform you.

For “The Essential” it is recommended to follow your feeling, and find Vedra through you. (Or one to two pumps)


Lastly, we strongly emphasize that none of us are doctors and the information above has been drawn from studies. All sources are listed underneath.

For more information about full spectrum CBD and the different forms of it, make sure to visit “Full spectrum CBD”. if you have inquiries either check out our FAQs or do not hesitate to contact us (or both!).


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