Fritz Meise

Fritz is convinced of the idea of changing the previous standards and ideas for a "sex product". With his experience and family background in the sexual wellbeing industry, he is ready to redefine the established industry and create products that go beyond their purely functional utility. He has the vision that VEDRA enables open communication about sexual wellbeing for everyone.

head of visuals

Martin Skoba

Martin wants to revolutionize the visual world of how sex products have been represented and uses his skills and knowledge in communicating shapes, colors and materials to create VEDRA. Its simple yet holistic approach allows Vedra to be the elegant and sophisticated brand it aspired to be. Quality materials, attractive packaging and consistent aesthetics.

Head of Marketing

Charlotte Staack

Charlotte represents VEDRA externally and, as a female founder, proudly stands at the helm together with Fritz as the founding team. VEDRA's goals are furthered by Charlotte's implementation of innovative media, communications and marketing initiatives. She carries her creative expertise into brand communication and marketing to the outside world. She proudly represents the values of the company and is fully committed to it.

Head of finance

Andres Antillo

Andrés brings a numerical perspective to the analysis and operation of the company. With his management perspective, he tries to use competitive advantages in order to obtain a sustainable business model in the short, medium and long term.

About Vedra

→The name VEDRA comes from a mystical place on Ibiza. A place where people trek to watch sunsets, practice yoga or meditate. A spiritual place to connect with your inner self and the moment. Legend has it that the Punic goddess Tannit was born there. The goddess of fertility. This place is surrounded by strong feminine energies, energies that we find deeply rooted within us. Just as our products are about "finding" sensuality and rediscovering your inner self, this place is about exploring yourself. The place is a rock called "Es Vedrà". The rock is submerged in the water, separated from the Mediterranean coast. The water laps gently against him. For us, the rock is a symbol of you and your sexuality, while the sea is our product, whose liquid formula tingles on your body to create an overwhelming sensual experience. "Es Vedrà" also means freedom. The freedom to be yourself and to experience your true self.

VEDRA is a young Berlin start-up for cosmetics and care products. Our mission is to create products that go beyond their purely functional use. The aim is to change the common notion of what a "sex product" is and what it looks like. The appealing aesthetics of the contemporary products reinforce the colorful variety of sexuality. VEDRA's mission is to promote open communication about sexual wellbeing. Pure, empowering, contemporary. Finally plastic-free and sexy sex products.
Feel pleasure with our aesthetic "The Essential" lubes. Experience sensual moments with "The Touch" massage and body oils. Set the mood with The Spirit and The Ritual Palo Santo and White Sage. Enliven your senses before, during and after sex.



Our Pleasure Line shows you how to take intimacy to a new, exciting level.

~ Vedra