The Essential - CBD - Lubricant

With stimulating CBD


With "THE ESSENTIAL“ water-based, CBD- infused intimate moisturizer and lubricant VEDRA combines clean design with cutting-edge ingredients.

It’s providing you a comfortable pH- balanced lubrication, with a splash of CBD to intensify the pleasure and sensation, and help with natural hydration.

Non-staining, colorless formula with a natural smell can be used with toys and condoms.

High quality meets contemporary aesthetics to create wellbeing products. #leaveitonyournightstand

● Natural Smell: Instead of the artificial pina colada smell, we created something reminiscent of a mature fragrance world. We were inspired by a late summer walk through a pine forest on Ibiza.
● Gently moisturizing and never sticky
● Non-staining, non-flavored
● Latex and silicone friendly: Can be used with condoms and toys
● Paper packaging and glass bottle from the EU

Ingredients: aqua, sorbitol, hydroxyethylcellulose, citric acid, cannabis sativa seed oil, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, cannabis sativa seed extract, sodium hyaluronate


Our tip is to gradually approach the right amount. Just put a few drops on your fingertips to start with and then as much THE ESSENTIAL as you feel comfortable with.


After you have applied the lubricant to your fingertips, you can apply it to the desired area and spread it there a little. You will immediately notice how the gel is "accepted" by the skin and makes your intimate area very moist and soft. You will be amazed by this feeling.


The Essential is perfect to use in combination with toys. Apply some to the tip of your vibrator. Then spread the lube with your hand so that there is a layer of lube on the vibrator. Now he is ready for insertion. If possible, leave it off for now and only turn it on after insertion.


Silicone-based lube washes off easily with warm water. If you leave it on the skin, it forms a smooth moisture.

● Why CBD?
○ CBD is a perfect addition to a lubricant: ”THE
Why CBD?

● Why CBD?

○ CBD is a perfect complement to a lubricating gel: "THE ESSENTIAL" from VEDRA combines the moisturizing properties of water-based lubricating gel with the positive effects of CBD. Absorbed by the mucous membranes in the intimate area, CBD can increase blood flow and lead to a more intense feeling. It can also protect sensitive skin by enhancing anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation effects.

● Where is THE ESSENTIAL made?

○ Our THE ESSENTIAL intimate moisturizing and lubricating gel is 100% natural and made in the Netherlands.

● Is THE ESSENTIAL safe for sex toys?

○ Yes, THE ESSENTIAL is a water based lube and can be used with Miss Bi or any other sex toy you own.


○ The Essential is colorless, tasteless, fragrance-free, glycerin-free and vegan: to keep the experience as natural as possible.

● Is plastic used for packaging?

○ We strive to use sustainable, recycled materials whenever possible. We use reusable glass bottles and recyclable paper packaging as we try to reduce plastic where we can. Only the dispenser contains a tiny piece of plastic. We're working on it!

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