The Spirit - White Sage

White sage harvested in California


White Sage, an aromatic herb with a rich history of benefits. Known for its healing and spiritual cleansing properties, it produces a fragrant white smoke used to cleanse a space through smudging. It has a rich, bitter, and strong aromatic scent.

Setting your intention is the most important part of this ritual, so before you light up, ask yourself what you're trying to accomplish in your space and within yourself.

● Powerful ritual to strengthen your self-care routine
● Purification of negative energies
● Naturally sun dried
Length: 12cm
Width: 3 cm
Weight: 30-35g

1. Setting your intention
The most important part of this ritual: Before you start the ritual, you should ask yourself what you want to achieve in your space and in yourself.

2. Light up the fire
Open a window and carefully light the end of the sage bundle until it catches fire.

3. Purify the area
After a few seconds of burning, you can blow out THE SPIRIT so that only embers remain. Paint the air with the fragrant smoke that drifts from corner to corner and engage in the ceremony.

4. Stay safe
Collect the ashes in a fireproof container and quench the bundle's fire by dabbing the lit end into the container. Each bundle of sage can be reused multiple times.

● What are the benefits of The Spirit?
○ White Sage is an herb commonly used in purification rituals and is believed to expel negative energies and unwanted spirits. The main thing is to approach the ritual with intention and mindfulness. The sage ritual is said to bring happiness and joy.
● What does sage smell like?
○ It has an intense, coniferous and strongly aromatic scent.
● How often should I use THE SPIRIT?
○ There are no hard and fast rules for how often you should incense your room with sage. We ourselves are our best guides when it comes to recognizing negative energy - so listen to your intuition. Feeling weighed down by stress or worry is usually a good sign that THE SPIRIT cleansing is in order. White sage can be kept for a very long time if you keep it in a dry and dark place.
● What do I need for THE SPIRIT ceremony?
○ Basic tools include:
○ A sage bundle THE SPIRIT
○ A fireproof clam or bowl made of ceramic, clay or glass to catch the burning sage or ashes.
○ Matches or a lighter to light.
○ Optionally a feather or fan to spread the smoke.


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