Why CBD?

  • CBD is a perfect addition to a lubricant: ”THE ESSENTIAL“ by VEDRA combines moisturizing features of water-based lubricants with energizing effects of CBD. Absorbed by intimate mucous membranes CBD can increase the blood flow and lead to a more intense feeling. It can also protects sensitive skin by boosting anti-inflammatory effects and antioxidants.

Where is THE ESSENTIAL produced?

  • Our THE ESSENTIAL intimate moisturizer and lube is 100% natural and made in the Netherlands.

Is THE ESSENTIAL safe for sex toys?

  • Yes, THE ESSENTIAL is a water-based lubricant and can be used with Miss Bi or any other sex toy you have.


  • The Essential is colorless, unflavored, unscented, glycerin free and vegan: Keeping the experience as natural as possible.

Do you use use plastic in your packaging?

  • We strive to use sustainable, recycled materials whenever possible. We use reusable glass bottles and recyclable paper packaging as we try to reduce plastic where we can. Only the dispenser includes a tiny piece of plastic. We’re working on it!