What are the beneficial effects of CBD?

  • Our THE ESSENTIAL intimate moisturizer and lube is 100% natural and is made in the Netherlands. The glass bottle and  paper packaging is reusable and recyclable as we try to reduce plastic where ever we can. Short shipping ways within the EU.

Is it possible to use THE ESSENTIAL with toys?

  • Yes, THE ESSENTIAL is a water-based lubricant and can be used with Miss Bi or any other sex toy you have.


  • The Essential is colorless, unflavored, unscented, glycerin free and vegan: Keeping the experience as natural as possible.

Do you use use plastic in your packaging?

  • We strive to use sustainable, recycled materials whenever possible. We use reusable glass bottles and recyclable paper packaging as we try to reduce plastic where we can. Only the dispenser includes a tiny piece of plastic. We’re working on it!