Fritz is driven by the idea to change previous standards of what a 'sex product' is and looks like. With his expertise and background in the sexual wellbeing industry he is ready to add new sparkle to what's given and create products going beyond their purely functional use. He has the vision of VEDRA empowering open communication about sexual wellbeing for everyone. 

Eliza lawrence, creative director

Using her proficiencies gained from running a blog about sexual experience for the past six years, Eliza brings poetry, sensuality, and femininity to VEDRA. Hoping to change the shyness around the topic and perchance, spark sexual awakenings in some people, she is looking to bring the safety needed for sustainable sex-positive progression.

Martin skoba, head of visuals

Martin Seeks to revolutionize the way lubricants have been displayed until now and is using his skills and knowledge in communicating shapes, colors and materials, when designing for VEDRA. His simplistic, yet holistic approach enabled Vedra to be the sleek and sophisticated brand it sought to be.

Elena Flir, Marketing intern

Stemming from the high-end hospitality industry, Elena knows how wellbeing looks and feels like. Applying her expertise in combination with her open, young mind, VEDRA is equipped to look into different minds as well as mind set to encompass a broad range of needs.

About Vedra

The name comes from a mystical place in Ibiza. A place where people wander to watch sunsets, practice yoga, or meditate. A spiritual destination to connect with your inner self and with the moment. Tales fable about the punic goddess Tannit being born there. The goddess of fertility. Surrounding this place are strong female energies, energies that we find rooted deeply within us. Just like our product is about 'finding' sensuality and rediscovering your core inner self, this place is about finding yourself via exploration. The place is a rock called "Es Vedrà". The rock is submerged in the water, separate from the Mediterranean coastline. The water splashes against it softly. The rock for us is a symbol of you and your sexuality, with the sea, being our product, with its liquid formula fizzing against your body to create an overwhelming sensual experience. "Es Vedrà" also means freedom. Freedom to be yourself and to experience the true you. 

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